Early Learning Day School
1381 November Avenue
Daytona Beach, FL 32118
(386) 555-0198

Hi There All! My name is Miss Patti Bednarski. I am the Pre-K teacher at Early Learning Day School. My students are very young, but I try to integrate as much technology as possible into their everyday lives. I think technology know how is so important in today's society, and I also believe that you can never start too young :)

Welcome to our classroom website :-) This is a great place to keep track of everything going on with our class. You will also find great resources for keeping your little one entertained. We have all kinds of projects that are updated monthly (to change with the holidays) for those rainy weekend days when you have nothing else to do ;-)


This month we have a lot of projects we are completing for Spring. Please check back weekly on the ACTIVITIES page that way you can be aware of what we doing in class :)