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This page will be updated to include activities for every week :)

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Today we are going to be focusing on a great story that has been a favorite of mine since I was your age! Most of today we will work on a new portion of this site. There is a new activity that you are going to complete each period :) This is going to be so much fun!


The Life of a Monarch Butterfly

The butterfly lays an Egg on the leaf of a Milkweed plant.
A Caterpillar is born. He eats the leaves of the plant for food.
The caterpillar creates a Chrysalis around its body.
After some time, a Butterfly comes out of the chrysalis.

After we all complete the first lesson, we are going to split up into our groups again for another project.

Next, we are going to explore the actual life cycle of the caterpillar into the butterfly. There are a few activities we are going to complete today during this time.

For those of us on the computers:

  • We will first be exploring the life cycle of the caterpillar to the butterfly by exploring another classroom's website. This website is very informative and I think you guys will like it. Butterfly Life Cycle1 From there just click on Life Cycles at the top of the page and then on Stages and all you have to do is click on the little blue arrow to move forwards or backwards.
  • Once you have finished looking at that page, go explore this Life Cycle Sequence quiz where it will ask you to click on the picture that is showing what the sentence says. Butterfly Life Cycle2
  • If you have time before you move to the project area, check out this website for more information on the the Butterfly Life Cycle3.
  • For your last assignment on the computer is to click on this link, Click on the PRINT button to print out the picture, and then color it when you are working on your other project :) Butterfly Life Cycle4

For those of us on working on projects:

  • First, we will read The Life Cycle of the Butterfly by Trevor Terry.
  • Then we will complete a picture of a butterfly and its life cycle. You will color the life cycle parts and then cut them out and paste them in the correct order onto the butterfly's wings.


  • The last project we are going to complete will be all groups togethers. We are still going to be separated into the same two groups that we have in all day that way everyone gets a chance at the materials available.
  • Our last project will not be graded it is just for fun. When you are on the computers I want you to go print out the instructions from HERE!
  • Once you have your directions, bring them to your table and wait for further instructions. :)

Check back every week for new cool things to do!!!