For great works of Art and Entertainment check these links for the Young Feminist

To find out how to get involved check out these links for activism all over the world

For a great activism project, why not try The Clothesline Project

One of the most radical feminist activist groups are the Guerilla Girls

Get involved in politics check out CodePink

When I signed up for Intro to Women’s Studies, little did I know what I was getting myself into. I knew I would have to do some activism, but what is that really? Then class started and I learned a few things about what I needed to do and who I am. I knew I had roots in feminism thanks to my mother, but could I learn and grow from that point? The answer is a resounding YES! I want to do so much to help all humankind, but especially women. The Third Wave of feminism is in full swing and guess who is swinging with it…me! Although a lot of the Third Wave is tied up in academia, there is a large percentage of the population who are involved in activism. With the aid of my professor, I now have a greater grasp on what I can accomplish in my community. There are abundant projects that anyone and everyone can get involved in to better themselves and their community. From Project Clothesline to Code Pink to Never Go Back, there is truly something for everyone. From these activism projects, a person can certainly gain a new perspective on life and liberty as they know it.

What kind of projects would interest you? In order to figure this out, you first have to figure out what kind of issues bother you. Do you think that rapists and sex offenders should be prosecuted to the fullest extent? Do you think that women should have equal pay and equal rights in the workplace? Do you think we should have a female president? Do you think that there are WAY too many stereotypes for women? Do you think women should have the complete right to decide what to do with their bodies? Do you think that there is much, much too much male influence in the world? Are you looking for something locally, nationally, or even internationally? Answer a few of these questions and you may know what kind of activism may interest.

“As long as we can’t be out full selves, we will feel a need to hide parts of ourselves. In order to get a job or get ahead in her career, for example, a woman may feel a need to repress those aspects of herself that she fears will cause her to appear too ‘feminine’”. Curry-Johnson

“Such is the nature of feminism today: an uneasy balancing act between the imperatives of outreach and inclusion on one hand, and the risk of tokenism and further marginalization on the other.” Lee

“Femininity isn’t inherent, natural, or biological. It takes work to look like a “woman,” and this is evident when one looks at female impersonators and drag queens- men, with the same work, can look just like ‘woman.’ Put on a pair of high heels and some lipstick and you’re halfway there.” Myhre

“This is the revolution. I don’t understand the revolution. I can’t lay it all out in black and white and tell you what is revolutionary and what is not. The punk scene is a revolution, but not in and of itself. Feminism is a revolution; it is solidarity as well as critique and confrontation. This is the fat grrl revolution. It’s mine, but it doesn’t belong to me. Fuckin’ yeah.” Lamm

“Listen for the attacks. They are quiet. They are subtle. And listen for the jerk who will tell you to lower your voice. Tell him to get used to the noise. The next generation is coming.” Neuborne